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    Karen Evans, speech-language pathologist has had over 40 years of clinical experience with children and adults.  She studied in Toronto, Leeds (England), Ottawa and Montreal. She was involved with one of the first non-residential local school programmes for  speech and language impaired children in England.  She started development of KAREN'S CUES, a manual cueing system for supporting speech development, for this class.  Karen's Cues are now widely used in treatment for motor speech, articulation, phonology and phonological awareness skills. 

    While in Ottawa, she created the Semantic Parsing method for developing sentence comprehension in children with specific language impairment and continued her work with severe motor speech disorders. 

    In Montreal, Karen worked at the Montreal Neurological Institute with Dr. David Caplan's team, investigating sentence comprehension and working memory following neurological trauma.


     At the Constance Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre she worked with a neurologically impaired population and was involved in developing protocols for evaluating pragmatic and cognitive-linguistic functioning in young head-injured adults.

    From 1994 to 2009 Karen was involved with building the vision of the Montreal Fluency Centre, a not-for-profit paediatric clinic in Montreal.  She pioneered the first Social Language Groups, lead the development of the Summer Language Camp, produced and supervised implementation of the Oral Language Projects, an alternative school-based service delivery model for improving students' oral language skills, developed treatment and assessment materials and mentored many young clinicians and graduate students.

    Karen has had a long association with McGill University, through clinical teaching, guest lectures and workshops.  She taught a graduate neuromotor speech disorders class at McGill for five years and in 2012 was responsible for introducing a clinical simulation experience in partnership with the Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre of McGill University.   

    In 2010, she received the McGill Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Leadership.

    Karen brings this wealth of experience, dedication and enthusiasm to her private practice. She offers evaluation and treatment services to children plus educational opportunities for clinicians. 

    Offering speech therapy services in the heart of Montreal.  Specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Developmental Language Disorders.

    Karen is a member of the Ordre des Audiologistes et Orthophonistes de Quebec

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